Blow every woman’s mind by becoming an embodied expert on sexuality



Close your eyes and imagine this...

You are rolling over in bed after having had the best sex ever with the most beautiful woman in the world. The first words that come out of her mouth are: “Whoa, that was amazing!” She looks at you with a smile, hair a mess, eyes tearing up because she is feeling so blissed out from your lovemaking session. It feels like you’re in a movie. Except, this is your reality now.


Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn't. I have seen many men transform from being clueless to being a Supreme Lover in front of my very eyes.


And the best part?


You don’t need to read hundreds of books, you don’t need to go to a dozen tantra workshops, and you also don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on dating coaches.


All you need is one month inside of SUPREME LOVER.


SUPREME LOVER is a six week accelerator in which you are going to learn about both the physical as well as the energetic side of sex, so that you will become the most amazing lover you can think of.

Why I created SUPREME LOVER for you...


I have created SUPREME LOVER because I saw so many men out there having no clue what they’re doing when it comes to women and sex. The amount of times I and my girlfriends have felt unsafe, unseen and unsatisfied during sex with would shock you. Because I wanted to tackle this problem I have spent over 10.000 dollars on books, courses, workshops and retreats around sexuality. And I want to help you save loads of money, time and energy by offering you 15 years of knowledge and experience in just one course.


Sexuality has been fascinating me for my whole life, and thus I have studied it for over a decade already. From tantra to BDSM, from chakra energy play to full body orgasms, and from slow sensual lovemaking to brutal animalistic sex - I have learned all there is to learn about sex. And after all the time, money and energy I spent on it, I now finally figured out why so many men have no clue what they’re doing.


I understand now why so many of you feel unsatisfied with your sex lives.


It all has to do with a lack of understanding of how women work.


Because honestly, we’re not as complicated as you may think. There are 5 main things you need to know about us and once you have Mastered those,

you’ll become deeply attractive for women and desired by many.

Including the ones that feel out of reach right now.

Peaked your curiosity?

Allow me to share what you will learn inside of this accelerator.


After joining SUPREME LOVER you will…

  • Know how women work: physically, mentally and energetically

  • Be able to create strong polarity between you and your lover that will make her want to jump you straight away

  • Understand why many women are blocked sexually and know how to help her open up again

  • Feel shameless in owning your true desires and know how to turn them into reality

  • Have mastered the three levels of safety so that you are able to create a safe space for your woman to open up to you

  • Be able to control your ejaculation for as long as you want, so that you can make any lovemaking session last just as long as you want it to

  • Embody the 4 Archetypes that will enable you to seduce every woman out there

  • Know how to please a woman and make her beg for more


This program going to feel like you have suddenly become an expert on sexuality, whereas you once were clueless in how some men seem to be able to satisfy both their own as well as every woman’s needs and desires. Because my love, these men aren’t special, they’re just like you. The difference is that they know exactly what to do and they have mastered the Art of Lovemaking. And you too can do this.


I know this because I have turned many men into Supreme Lovers already. And I am ready to turn you into one too.


What you'll get when you join SUPREME LOVER...

  • 6 live group calls with Serena

  • Teachings about topics including but not limited to tantra, polarity, chakras, orgasm, energy play and the art of seduction

  • 24/7 WhatsApp support from Serena and the other SUPREME LOVER participants

  • Videos on consent, the nervous system, archetypes and more

  • Guided meditations for Mastering ejaculation control

  • Group sharings with men who are one the same mission as you

  • Practices to do with your lover at home

  • Brotherhood that’s going to last for a lifetime

  • Both the knowledge ánd the tools and techniques you need for Supreme Lovemaking (or crazy kinky sex, if that’s what you prefer 😉)

  • And many more surprises and bonuses

What you’re going to be really good at six weeks from now when you decide to join...

  • Communicating your desires in a sexy and non-needy way

  • Making a woman feel safe

  • Communicating your boundaries without it resulting in her seeing you as less masculine

  • Getting your needs met

  • Knowing what a woman wants

  • Pleasing women

  • Feeling relaxed and confident when you are around a woman you’re attracted to

  • Having passionate, intimate, deeply satisfying relationships and sex with women

The things that you as a SUPREME LOVER will experience...

  • No longer feeling shame around your desires

  • Living the sex life you've always wanted but never thought you could

  • Knowing how to seduce a woman without coming off as needy

  • Being able to control ejaculation

  • Feeling rooted in both your sex and your heart

Are you ready to become a Supreme Lover?

Don't wait any longer...