You want to become confident. You want to liberate yourself from fear and shame. You want to create a balanced life for yourself, so that you can wake up every day feeling calm and at peace, yet super excited about the amazing life you have created for yourself.

And... you would love to have someone to be by your side who's there for you 24/7. Someone who can support you with the big ánd the small things. Someone who you can text 24/7 and who will be in your corner no matter what. If this is you, then Serena's private 1:1 coaching program is the perfect fit for you.

Serena offers private guidance to only 1 person a month. If you want to be eligible for this spot, please fill in the application form here:

Here's what will happen once you've filled out the form:


1. Serena will review each form comprehensively.

2. Based on your answers she will decide if you are a good fit to work together (meaning: you come off as someone who's willing to be coached and not afraid to put in the work + Serena's skill set is a great fit for your challenges).


3. If so, Serena will invite you for a short Zoom call to get to know you better. In this call she will explain to you in detail what a private trajectory with her looks like and you can decide if you are truly ready to step into the container and work on yourself in the most effective way possible. In the case during the call either you or Serena decides that you're not going to work together, she will guide you to another coach who's a better fit for you or she will share resources that will support you further.


N.B. Please know that this is a 4 figure investment and will ask for your complete devotion and dedication. Serena only works with people who are fully committed to making big changes in their lives, fast and effectively.

If this is you, then she happily welcomes you into her 1:1 space.