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Are you curious about diving deep into the Root cause of your problems but unsure if Serena's 1:1 Private Premium Coaching problem is a good fit for you right now?

It's about time you started feeling like a strong, confident person who has a balanced and satisfying life.

Let's begin your transformation!

How to know if this is for you

  • Do you feel you're ready to dive deep into your past to find the root of all your problems?

  • Do you desire full support from an experienced coach?

  • Are you committed to truly making a change in your life?

Then booking yourself a Discovery Call is the perfect step for you to take right now, so that you can get to know Serena better and apply for a private coaching spot!

Book your free call below:


In this 30 minute call Serena will ask you some questions to find out if you're a good fit for private coaching.


You can also ask her any questions you still might have about working with her.


If you both feel a 'YES' to working together, you will receive all information about how to do so.


If it's a 'no' from either side, Serena will hand you some resources that will help you get further on your journey, and she'll give you some practical tips and tricks for free that will support you with your current challenges.


So what are you waiting for?


You've got nothing to lose, except for maybe some limiting beliefs. ;)

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