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Master in Psychology, Premium Coach &

founder of the ReRoot Method©.

Serena's mission is to help people understand where their issues originate from, so that they can see that nothing's their fault and it is within their power to change the things they don't like.

"Serena has the best of both worlds: heaps of knowledge and a strong intuition; a background in psychology and a huge portion of empathy and sensitivity. A true out-of-the-box thinker."

~ Linda Roos

"My session with Serena was mind-blowing to say the least. She's far from a regular coach. It felt like I was speaking to someone who has knows me since I was little. I highly recommend working with her. Serena made my life easier because I got closer to myself - I will reap the fruits of the session we had together for the rest of my life."

~ Chris de Jong


Hi, my name is Serena and I'm a certified Psychologist, trauma therapist, EFT/TFT practitioner, relationship coach, inner child healer, communication expert & founder of the ReRoot Method... As you can see I'm very passionate about what I do.


My mission is to help you find the root of all your problems and get rid of them, so that you don't have to waste your time trying to tackle all the problems individually and feel frustrated about the lack of progress you are seeing.

If you recognize yourself in any of the struggles mentioned on this website, know that you're not alone. A lot of people struggle with the exact same things. I and my clients did too for many years. I've done more workshops, retreats and courses than I can count, to not only help myself but also help my clients. From tantra workshops to mindset trainings, from a 10 day Vipassana retreat to body de-armouring, from EFT to shadow work.


I think it's safe to say I've got experience with almost all healing modalities that exist out there.


And even though I'd spend thousands of dollars and many hours on trying to fix and heal myself, I still wouldn't feel truly happy. The same struggles and issues would keep re-appearing in my life, just in slightly different ways. Even though people would label me a social butterfly, I'd still feel anxious meeting new people. I just became really good at pretending and hiding my true feelings.

This was until I found out that the reason problems would keep appearing was because I was constantly tackling all the symptoms of my issues instead of going all the way to the root.


Just as a tree will keep growing new branches when you cut them off, when we don't remove the root of our problems, new struggles will keep appearing in our lives.


When I figured this out, I was finally able to remove the root of my problems.


As a result, I now feel confident, comfortable and happy on a daily basis. Of course life's ordinary struggles still happen every now and then, but now I have the confidence, knowledge ánd tools to handle everything that comes my way and it's not standing in the way of my happiness anymore.

And you can do it too!

I know this, because I've helped many people like you already. No matter what you're struggling with, the most important thing to do is to first figure out what the core of your problems is, go to the root. This is exactly what my signature method The ReRoot Method© helps you with: to map all your symptoms so that you can find the root and get rid of it for good.

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