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Is this what you want?

  • No cookie cutter, but a tailored approach specifically designed to work for you?

  • Go from treating symptoms to finding the root of them all, so that you can take them out for good?

  • Instead of being just another number, receive undivided personal attention?

  • To not just have one-off sessions but unlimited WhatsApp support during your whole trajectory?

  • Access to years of knowledge and experience from both a scientific as well as a spiritual and holistic perspective?

  • A licensed therapist and not just another random coach?

  • Someone in your corner who has made it her mission to help you succeed?

Then you've come to the right place!


You've probably seen that Serena is a Premium coach, and you might have wondered:


What's the difference between a Premium and a regular coach?

Read Serena's full story here:

"Starting out as a psychologist I soon realized that the Dutch health care system was highly unpersonal and little effective. Working from a very limited perspective of diagnosing and treating with standard protocols, I found it odd that no one seemed to be looking at the individual person that was sitting in front of them.


Why were there so many protocols being used that were generalizing people so widely, when every single person is different and thus requires a different approach?


This question kept repeating in my head every single time I saw one of my colleagues start out with a new client. When I wanted to do things differently, I was being told I couldn't. I too had to follow the protocols and wasn't allowed to do things my own way. To me, this felt really wrong. When on top of that I realized how low the actual recovery rate of patients was in these systems,


I decided to start my own business and become a Premium Coach."


Most coaches and therapists work with a lot of different people at the same time. When you go to a regular psychologist, on average they see 5 to 7 people a day. If they work full-time this means that they get to see 35 people a week. When they see their clients once or twice a month - which is usually the case in regular health care - that means that these people see up to 140 different people at the same time! When you think about it, that's crazy, isn't it?


No wonder the regular health care systems often fail to truly help people get rid of their problems.


Having to work with so many people at a time it's hard to really build a deep connection with someone and truly build the relationship and trust needed to get people to open up to the extent they need to get to the root of their problems. 

When Serena was working in regular health care she would often struggle to remember her client's details. She would always have to read through her notes before a session to even make sure she got the right diagnosis and the right treatment plan in front of her. No wonder she didn't feel like she was able to truly help people there!

This is exactly what motivated Serena to become a Premium Coach.


Working with a maximum of 5 people at the same time, Serena ensures that you get all the time, attention and loving care you need. When you decide to work with Serena, you are assured of having someone who's truly dedicated and committed on supporting you. You'll receive sessions that last as long as needed - as compared to the strict 45 or 60 minute sessions most coaches offer. But not only that, you'll also receive support in between sessions! There aren't a lot of coaches offering this, but because Serena always works with no more than five people simultaneously, she's able to offer this to you no matter the duration or intensity of your trajectory with her.

Next to having access to her in between sessions, you're being offered all the tools and support you can possibly need, from videos to books, from tapping sequences to guided meditations.


Serena has a vault filled with videos on topics ranging from how to regulate your nervous system to communication techniques such as Non-Violent Communication and Radical Honesty, and from masculine/feminine dynamics to habit building. When you start working with Serena, you'll receive full access to this vault immediately.

Premium coaching is for people who want to receive full support and are ready to take big bold steps towards clarity and confidence, so that they finally have the life they want and deserve.

Book your free discovery call here:

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